Guardswell Farm is a 170 acre farm. A mixture of permanent pasture- likely not been cultivated for decades (we know this as we have a brilliant fungi population on the farm), native and mixed planted woodlands, boggy areas, rough wild areas and a few fantastic ponds. 

The farm is currently run in two halves- one section is rented to a neighbouring farmer for grazing- whilst the remainder is farmed by ourselves. We have a small flock of Hebridean sheep- brilliant conservation grazers- who rotationally graze some of the areas surrounding the main farm yard, as well as managing our beautiful native wildflower meadow in front of the Steading building. Commercially, they provide us with fleece for spinning (which we can hopefully turn into Guardswell jumpers one day)- as well as small scale, ethically reared Hebridean hogget meat boxes- which are sold once a year. Slowly, we are planning on converting more of the Guardswell land over to areas of greater species diversity- hopefully both encouraging an increase in biodiversity (more bees, bugs and birds), as well as sequestering more carbon and regenerating our farm soil with a mixture of deep rooting plants, rotational grazing and holistic land management.

Guardswell is also home to a small- but growing- herd of Angora Goats. Originally hailing from turkey- these curly haired, curly horned, lovable creatures are quite new (to us) on the farm. One of the farms previous owners did keep Angora goats and we have been fortunate to move the herd name over to our new herd. Angora goats are kept for their high quality fibre- Mohair- and we plan to slowly build up the herd until we have enough to create our own socks. The perfect socks for walking boots, or cosying up in front of the firepit.