No-Dig Organic Vegetable Growing Workshop with Charles Dowding

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  • No-Dig Organic Vegetable Growing Workshop with Charles Dowding

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    No-Dig Organic Vegetable Growing Workshop with Charles Dowding

    Charles Dowding has been growing organic vegetables and salad leaves for over 30 years - starting his first market garden in 1982 - ensuring that his surrounding county of Somerset is supplied with beautiful bags of salad and veg boxes- both direct to customers and through shops and restaurants. As well as this he has written 10 books - more on the way this October - and a sowing calender. Charles is one of the most renowned organic vegetable growers in the world- and is a sell-out author in the UK as well as America (he also has 127,000 avid followers on Instagram).

    After a visit to Charles’ garden in 2019, and following many years of being “big fans” of his- we are absolutely thrilled that he is making a special trip to Scotland, and will be joining us at Guardswell for both a No-Dig Organic Vegetable Growing Workshop as well as an evening talk on his experience and the principles of No-Dig gardening.

    What is No-Dig Gardening: Soil is the starting point - no dig is such a straightforward, easy way of enhancing soil quality and fertility. Simply leave it undisturbed, and add organic matter on the surface but never incorporated. In our oceanic climate, compost works best as the surface material - this feeds the soil life who do all the work below.

    No dig saves you time, grows less weeds, better drainage - and gives you pleasure in gardening wonderful food to eat. All of this becomes possible for any gardener when they understand how to care for and feed the soil, and how to look after their plants.

    No-Dig Organic Vegetable Growing Workshop

    Saturday 24th October
    20 spaces - £120 – including all materials for the day, lunch and refreshments.

    A practical day spent with Charles Dowding at Guardswell Farm- learning the theory of No-Dig, understanding the concepts, and how to make No-Dig work for your situation.

    He will show us the benefits of No-Dig gardening- less labour, less weeds, higher production- and show you how to build your own No-Dig beds

    In the garden, Charles will go into detail and show us composting techniques, seed choice, propagation, module planting, mulches, harvesting techniques and pathway maintenance, to either get you started in your own No-Dig garden, or improve the techniques that you are already implementing.

    Lunch will be a homegrown + locally sourced vegetarian lunch, cooked in the Cart Shed Kitchen- and if warm enough, we hope we can eat in our new Glasshouse.

    The day workshop ticket includes free entry into the evening talk.

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