Cooking with Fresh Herbs

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  • Cooking with Fresh Herbs

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    The perfect summers evening! 

    Join us in the Cart Shed Kitchen where we will be talking through the culinary herbs that you need in your life. We'll be working though some of our favourites- the well known parsleys and mints, and lesser known like lemon verbena, salad burnet and sweet cicely.

    This session will include a walk around the Herb Garden with our baskets, picking the best of our home grown herbs. We will then take them back to the kitchen where we will learn how to prepare each type of herb, have the opportunity to taste and experience their flavours, then try our hands at cooking a couple of dishes. There will be a short lesson in knife skills, specifically in chopping herbs. We will then sit down to enjoy the herby feast that we have prepared. 

    Run by Anna Lamotte and some of the other Guardswell family members. Prior to Guardswells existance, the family ran Scotlands biggest herb grower and supplier. Anna has conducted master classes in herbs (Cafe St Honore, to match their fabulous menu)- as well as working as a freelance caterer for a number of years. 


    Please ensure that you wear comfy footwear. 

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