Foraged Imprint Workshop with Imprint Casts

  • Foraged Imprint Workshop with Imprint Casts

    Price: £75.00

    Join the maker behind Imprint Casts, Katy, for a workshop and learn how to make your own botanical Christmas decorations using her using her unique casting technique.The workshop will kick off with a wee wander through the fields and forest around Guardswell Farm to pick fresh foliage and flowers. Katy will then demonstrate how to carefully preserve the imprint of your chosen foliage and create a set of small hanging plaster cast decorations to hang on your Christmas tree. There will be tea break with refreshment and a chance to chat to Katy and learn more about her practice too - no previous casting experience required, its a beginners workshop and Katy can't wait to meet you and spend a day teaching you her craft.

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