spoon carving with louise forbes

  • spoon carving with louise forbes

    Price: £80.00

    Spoon Carving With Louise Forbes

    Its hard to describe the pleasure you get from stirring something with your own kitchen spoon, sprinkling sugar on strawberries from a wooden teaspoon carved by yourself, or even just sitting and rubbing your thumb over the bowl of something that you lovingly spent hours crafting. Whether its a stirring spoon or a coffee scoop... you'll leave with something you'll love forever.

    We have managed to pin down the amazing Louise Forbes, of Louise Forbes design fame, to run another Spoon Carving day course at Guardswell Farm. It will be a jolly affair with happy chatter, all tools and materials provided...and you'll leave with a spoon that you carved yourself!

    We'll also break for a Cart Shed Kitchen lunch to ensure that tummies are not left rumbling...as well as tea and coffee flowing throughout the day.

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