Winter Walks + Wild Wreaths, with Adelaide Knott

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  • Winter Walks + Wild Wreaths, with Adelaide Knott

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    Winter Walks + Wild Wreaths

    By Adelaide Knott

    Say goodbye to the giant, evergreen, oasis packed Christmas wreath... and hello to a wonderfully wild and free wreath, swag, sculpture or bough- more of a nod to winter than to Christmas itself. Something you can hang for all of January...maybe even all year round. A celebration of darker days, cosy socks, seed heads and frost dried berries. A little bit of nature brought inside. 

    The magnificent Adelaide Knott, of Adelaides Secret Garden, will be running a fabulous day of winter sculptural wreath making at Guardswell on Wednesday the 12th of December!! 

    We will start the day with a hearty, wintery walk through the woods and fields of Guardswell Farm- armed with baskets and secateurs- hunting down gnarled twigs laden with rosehips and haws, twigs adorned with larch cones, bundles of lichen and air dried seed heads! 

    We will then head back to a cosy space in the main steading to get wild and creative! It will be a relatively free-movement session in that you will be guided in techniques- but left to let your creativity shine. There will also be lots of extra bits and pieces for you to add into you wreaths- some home dried apple slices, extra seed heads and berries, and a few other lovely goodies to make your wild wreaths that little bit special...

    Guardswell will also be providing cosy drinks and winters snacks throughout the session to make sure there isnt a rumbling tum in the house. 

    10am until 2pm-ish, or a little longer if you're really into it! 

    Adelaide loves jumping hedgerows, getting mucky and immersing herself in the elements; flower farmer and florist extradonaire, she loves sharing her passion for making and creating from the natural world.

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