Paper Folding Workshop with Kate Colin

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  • Paper Folding Workshop with Kate Colin

    Price: £40.00


    We are already giddy with excitement about this one- and cant wait to see our own gorgeous folder paper decorations!!

    Join us at Guardswell Farm for an introduction to paper folding with the incredible Kate Colin- and learn how to make a variety of three-dimensional pieces with just a few simple folds.

    We will explore several techniques, patterns and forms and you'll guided through the process of folding some decorations and a geometric paper vase to take away at the end of the class.

    All materials including a choice of high quality coloured paper will be provided.

    Participants will also receive a complimentary bag of paper folding tools and will leave the workshop fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and inspiration to continue folding at home.

    We'll make sure you're well fed with cake throughout the afternoon- with the tea and coffee flowing!!

    Kate Colin is a designer/maker based in Glasgow who works with paper to create handmade lighting, wall art and installations. Inspired by origami and geometric forms, Kate's bold and sculptural work emphasises the interplay between light and shade.

    She is interested in colour, tonal variations, shadow and geometric form and uses her work as a vehicle to explore how they interact with one another.

    Each piece is scored, folded and assembled by hand  and when illuminated, their appearance is radically transformed: folds, creases and angles become emphasised while an intensity of colour is brilliantly revealed.

    2017/18 -  Visual Artist & Craft Maker Award
    2016/17 -  Visual Artist & Craft Maker Award
    2016 - Crafts Council Hothouse Programme

    Check out her incredible website as well as her Instagram

    This event is suitable for 14 years and above.

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