Guardswell Grows Supper

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  • Guardswell Grows Supper

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    Guardswell Grows Supper

    10th October. 7pm.

    5 courses, welcome drink and BYOB.


    A celebration of how clever nature is.

    Join us for a long table supper at Guardswell Farm to celebrate the first season of Guardswell Grows. The work put in by the soil and the work put in by the farmer.

    The food on your plate has come from the ground under your feet. The flowers from the meadows and woodlands. You’ll eat on a table made of wood from our family farm.

    Guardswell Grows wishes to say thank you to everyone who has supported the Farmstand and the Veg Box Scheme, to everyone who’s pulled a weed or plucked a tomato.





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