Five For The Farm- Fraser Potter, The Taybank


Rack of pork, rubbed with tarragon, parsley, sage, lemon & buckets of sea salt. Sweet potato, carrot, red onions & apples. GW Grows tomatoes. all cooked over fire pit.


"The Boat on top of the hill. I love sitting there watching the clouds float past." Our lovely boat is a little like a bothy for those staying and walking on the farm- always open, the tiniest wood burner you'll have ever met, and instruments to accompany your sea shanties.


Either Wild Guide Scotland (great for road trips and little nuggets of info whilst out exploring) or Nose To Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson



Taybank/Summer Soul - I often find myself listening to this when doing the early breakfast shift whilst at The Taybank.

Listen here.



An East Neuk of Fife outing. The Kinneuchar Inn, a walk along the Fife coastal path via the tidal pools, Bowhouse, then finish off with a stop into Aeble.

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