Why a stay in a hut is a great idea right now.

Why a stay in a hut is a great idea right now?

Oh it’s been a mega few months, guys, am I right? We’ve been stuck indoors. We’ve been bombarded with negative news articles. We’ve all collectively been dealing with some pretty big things. We’ve definitely not had enough time outside. We’ve not been taking time for ourselves, despite feeling like we had lots of time, and then I guess feeling a bit guilty about having lots of time and not using it. Is all of that just us?

Anyway- so- the perfect antidote is a good few days spent surrounded by nature. Obviously we are bias and we love our huts- but a tent would do it, a little bothy in the hills, a remote west coast holiday cottage- anywhere that has some open space on its door step, anywhere where you can hear the birds in the morning and anywhere to just let it all go.

-       Make yourself a cup of tea, leave your phone inside and go and find somewhere to perch outside. A grass hummock, a log, a comfy bench… anything will do. Just sit, watch and listen.

-       Go bird, beastie or flower searching. Find a lovely ID book, and a pair of binocs, and spend a few hours learning to ID a couple of new things. Perhaps you can even take a moment to learn about edible wild herbs... and make a salad for supper.

-       Make your dinner outside. There is nothing better than food cooked over fire.

-       Go to bed at 8pm. It might mean you wake up at 5am, but they you have a few extra hours spent languishing in the early morning sun.

-       Full on turn your phone off. Pop it into your bag and don’t say hi to it until you’re heading home. It’s a weird feeling- but also liberating.

-       Check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re feeling pretty knackered- you don’t need to go for that hike. If you’re feeling like you need some time alone- take yourself away for a wee bit.

Nature is good for the soul- go and spend some time in it.

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