Winter Hut Packing

Packing For A Winter Hut Stay


The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow…


We know that we really don’t have it as bad as many. Guardswell Farm looks down onto the Carse of Gowrie and the patchwork of fields down on the flat is dominated by large expanses of shimmering water, ponds that have developed over the course of weeks of rain and sleet, dense Carse clay holding onto moisture, and the ancient pows struggling to keep up.


However, up here on the hill, its still pretty soggy. Despite well positioned field drains and culverts, we daily find water deciding to flow in unexpected and unprecedented directions.


So… if you are coming to stay with us when the weather is soggy or snowy, or if you’re off on an adventure anywhere in this weather… here are our top packing tips!!


1-     Wellington boots!! Or really great waterproof walking boots. They’ll mean that you can venture out whatever the weather- and if you’re staying in the Infield, the trek up there is pretty soggy!

2-     A really good waterproof top half- and bottom half if you’re feeling particularly intrepid.

3-     Cosy socks- for inside those wellingtons- and to pop on when you’re inside the hut.

4-     That collection of books that you’ve been meaning to read for months… bring ‘em all, get tucked up under a blanket, and settle in for the day in front of the fire.

5-     Plenty of food… you don’t want to have to go wandering out on a chilly evening to get supplies!

6-     Swat up on our “how to light a fire” guide… it has everything you need to know, and some great tips for keeping the fire going all night. You can find it as a “journal” post on our website.

7-     Hot water bottle! We provide them in. our huts… but if you are heading off on an adventure elsewhere, they are our favourite winter backpack treat.

8-     Although we provide lanterns and torches in the huts- a headtorch can be super useful if you need to nip out- particularly if you’re staying in the Kailyard, with the loos being located in the main Steading!



Despite the weather at this time of year… we love a winter adventure. Nothing beats warming the toes in front of a wood burner after a day spent with a chilly nose.


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