The Kailyard

Sleeps 2 From £120.00 Per Night 2 NIGHT STAY MIN
The Kailyard


  • Sleeps 2 in blanket laden Double Bed
  • Short walk to Wash Sheds and Loos/Showers in Steading
  • Wood Burning Stove and store of Guardswell wood
  • Little Kitchen with Gas stove and sink
  • Immersive “shepherds experience” with your own Hebridean flock surrounding the Hut, plus two donkeys!
  • South Facing double doors to let nature in
  • Offgrid- no electricity, except some solar lights 
  • Digital switch off 
  • Self Catering: cooking facilities- 2 gas hobs

Shepherd by day...

Down a woodland path, meandering between the trees, and walking into the daylight, you’ll find the Kailyard. Sitting on the south side of the Farm Wood, The Kailyard is modern take on a shepherds hut- a portable tinyhouse that manages to fit a snuggly double bed, wood burning stove and small kitchen within.

Outside you’ll find the Hebridean sheep roaming around the hut  (in true shepherds style) and a fire-pit, perfect for cooking some Guardswell eggs for breakfast. Small is beautiful, and we’ve managed to fit in a working sink, gas hob and solar electricity into this wee space- as well as a tiny wood burning stove to take the chill off those starlit evenings.

The Kailyard
The Kailyard pit and stars by night

All of our accommodation at Guardswell Farm is self-catering, however, we occassionally have events on in the Steading (have a look at the EVENTS tab) which involve food!! This Kailyard has two gas hobs to cook on- but you could also cook on the firepit outside and the woodburning stove inside. Please note that as the Kailyard has no electricty, there is no fridge, however, we do provide a cool box with ice blocks.

Guardswell is a little escape from the modern, fast paced world- and as such- we dont have any wifi or televisions (however, we do have 4G if you need to catch up with the world). We hope you enjoy the conversations, the board games and the silence.

Please be aware that the donkeys often poke their heads over the fence and say hello. 

If you are planning on cycling to Guardswell for your stay, please let us know prior to booking and we can provide you with a "earth-friendly holiday" discount code- and discuss bike storage with you.

  • Eco Handsoaps and Detergents
  • Fresh Farm Flowers