About us

Guardswell Farm is a 150-acre grassland farm situated on a south facing hillside, between Abernyte and Kinnaird, Perthshire. With panoramic views extending from North of Dundee, along the River Tay, over to the North of Fife, down to the Carse of Gowrie and all the way along to Glencarse; we feel a bit mean keeping it all to ourselves. 

The Lamotte family have been the guardians of the land at Guardswell since 2011, a little secluded hillside haven. Prior to this, the Fiona and Gillian ran The Buttery, a country house café and garden near Errol, with the family business of Scotherbs following on from that (the black and white photo below is Grandfather, Robert Wilson, at Waterybutts Farm). The whole family (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Mothers, Fathers and Sisters) is involved in Guardswell in some shape or form, and it’s their love of learning, food and the farm that makes Guardswell what it is now. 



Guardswell is a secret getaway, shared with those who want to fully immerse themselves into her simple and bygone ways.

Accommodation to suit the modern world escapee- who fancies themselves running a micro-farm, switching off from their digital dependence and taking a deep breath of Perthshire air.


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We love relaxed and fun events and weddings. Branches hanging from the ceiling, old vases filled with floppy flowers, plate piled high with locally grown food. Dancing with your shoes off in the grass under the festoon lights. Munching on midnight pizza from the wood oven. Sleeping under the stars and waking to the smell of breakfast cooked on the fire pit.

Guardswell is for those who like dondering up hills or camp firing, for those who enjoy the sound of lambs bleating or birds cheeping, who want to admire the view or snooze in the sun.




Regenerative, chemical-free market garden. Vegetables and herbs grown at Guardswell Farm.



Read a little more about Guardswell Farm itself, and our farming enterprises on the farm.