Disabled Access

Having a space that everyone can use is one of the most important things to us! With a range of accessibility needs within our family alone- we knew that making sure our spaces even better than average was important. If you have any suggestions for improvements please let us know.

Below you will find lots of Guardswell accessibility information.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions. 

Guardswell Drive Entrance including metal sign with logo

Drive Way

Guardswell is accessed off a narrow B road between Kinnaird and Abernyte (not in either of the villages). The road is tarred until you reach the end of our drive. Guardswell drive is marked by a large metal sign with our logo on it. If coming from Kinnaird, you will turn a tight left bend, and the drive will be on your left. Please be aware that once you enter the driveway, the road is made of gravel.

Front Door with plant pots, double sliding doors and level drop off

Drop Off

Cars can be taken straight to the front door for a level drop off onto stone slabs. Please be aware that there is gravel surrounding the slabs. We then kindly ask that cars are moved to the car parking area. 

The Drop Off point would be at the main front door- this has some flower pots, and two large grey sliding doors with lights above them. 

There is an access path from this drop off, up to the accessible parking spaces.

Once inside, the flooring is polished concrete and level. Please be aware that this door opens inwards, when accessed from outside.


The Guardswell car park is steep and gravelled, due to the location of the farm on a hillside and lack of another option. However, we do have 3 paved accessible parking spaces which are as near to level as possible, and have an access ramp, with necessary levelled areas, to the main front door area. 

Entrance Space, Platform lift behind living wall

Indoor Accessibility + Lift

The majority of the flooring inside the Guardswell steading is polished concrete and wooden flooring. There are 2 main levels within the building that can be accessed by either ramp, stairs or access lift.

The access lift is located behind the living wall, on the left hand side as you come in the front door. Please inform a member of Guardswell staff if you wish to use this and they will ensure everything is operational. Euans Guide stated that the platform lift  would fit "even the largest of wheelchairs or even mobility scooter".

There is also a ramp between the two levels of the building should you prefer to use this. 

The majority of doors are Guardswell are of the correct width- and every room has a door of the correct width. However, due to the age of the building, some door ways are quite narrow or low. 

Level polished concrete surface of the Feed Passage

Feed Passage

The Feed Passage extends along the top of the Steading, between the front door and the Granary, and above the Cattle Court. The ramp down to the Cattle Court can be found at the end of the Feed Passage. 

The loos can be accessed off the Feed Passage, at the west end of the building. 

Level wooden surface of the Cattle Court

Cattle Court

The Cattle Court, and all lower areas of the Steading (including kitchen, bull pen, large accessible loo)- can be accessed by Platform Lift, stair or ramp. 

The Cattle Court is all wooden level flooring. All furniture is moveable. 

The Granary- large space, level wooden surface


The Granary is a large white contemporary space. The flooring is wood, and there are level accesses through the doors. If using a wheelchair, this space should be accessed from the Feed Passage, through the top (North) doors, as there is a set of steps to the South. 

Larger accessible loo

Accessible Loos

Guardswell Farm has two accessible loos- one on each level. The Loo on the upper level meets council regulatory standards, and is accessed using the main loo door from the upper level of the Steading. 

On the lower level, off a small quiet room called the Bull Pen, is a further accessible loo. This loo is larger than standard. The toilet itself has a space either side of it, with a large space for movement in front. The Loo has drop down handrails on either side. Euans Guide suggested that is was large enough "to permit a portable hoist to be brought in by guests if required".

The Bull Pen is accessible off the main wooden Cattle Court/Dancefloor space- on the South East corner of the building. 

Bull pen, quiet room, level access

Bull Pen

The Bull Pen can be accessed off the main Cattle Court area and is a small, quiet space. This can be used during events as a break off room, or a quiet space during parties. The large accessible loo is located off this room.

The Bull Pen usually has 2 soft sofas in it, as well as a few other chairs.

Cover outdoor area in front of Steading, level lawn extending from concrete

Outdoor Areas

There is a large level polished concrete verandah to the front of the building that can be accessed from the Cattle Court, Ramp, Bull Pen and Kitchen. There is a large level grass lawn that extends out in front of that, with an area of gravel to the right

Moveable Furniture

All furniture at Guardswell Farm is portable- therefore should you wish, we can move things easily. Please speak to a member of Guardswell Farm staff and they will assist you where needed. 

The chairs that we use at Guardswell are dark grey metal chairs- please ask and we can show you one. We also have two large sofas in the Bull Pen, as well as a few wicker armed chairs. 

Inside area of Pendicle, from living space to wet-room

The Pendicle- hut

The Pendicle is one of our huts at Guardswell Farm and is the most accessible of our huts. 

You can drive straight to the Pendicle door, and with a few turns, there is a level drop off onto the wooden decking. The decking is surrounded by gravel.

The door width is, however, please be aware that there is a slightly lip as you enter the building. 

Inside there is a bed, small kitchen, wood burning stove, and loo/shower room.

The bed is only accessible from one side, however, is lower than standard, with the top of the mattress being cm from the ground.

The kitchen counter top is cm from the ground. 

The loo/shower is a wet room, that is accessed directly off the main sleeping space. The tap is a thermostatic mixer tap with a single lever. 

The Pendicle is connected to both mains water and electricity. 


Farmhouse kitchen



Due to the age of the building, the Farmhouse does have some narrow doors and tight corners. The Farmhouse is accessed from the front of the Steading building, with a level drop off onto paving stones. The front door is relatively narrow and there is a tight right turn as you access the building. The majority of the Farmhouse bedrooms are located upstairs, however, there is one downstairs double bedroom. There is a separate loo, and separate shower room downstairs- but please be aware that there is a step up to the shower. 


The Infield, on top of Guardswell Hill

Infield + Kailyard Huts

Kailyard (hut):

The Kailyard is accessed down a dirt track through the woods, with a number of steps both up and down. The Kailyard does not have any electricity. There is a bed, small kitchen and woodburner. Please be aware that the loo and shower for the Kailyard is located in the main steading building, approx 50m back up the woodland path.

The Infield (hut):

The Infield is located on top of the hill and requires to be walked up to by foot. The Infield does not have electricity- there is a loo up there, but no shower, this is located in the main steading building, approx 300m downhill. 

Entrance to the Cotterhouse



The Cottage is all on one level once inside, however, there are 3 small steps up to the front door. The shower is situated above a bath, which does not have handrails. 


The Cotterhouse is all on one level. There is a single step up to the door, however, please let us know if you wish to bring a wheelchair as we can bring a ramp to be used. The Cotterhouse has standard width old fashioned doors. There is a loo, bath with shower above, and a separate loo with shower, but please be aware that these shower has a small step up to it.