Be Kind



Little ways to care for one another and for yourself:


Knock on your neighbours door and check that they are ok. Leave them a little note. Ask if you can collect them some groceries whilst you pick up yours. 


Look after, and be thankful for, your friends and family who work for the NHS. 


Food banks- please donate to local food banks. If you are reading this, the chances are that you are relatively fortunate- please donate. 


Please support small businesses. Order online, shop from little places, buy a voucher for future use, write them a nice review, ask a friend to pick things up for you.


Eat whole simple foods- make sure you are keeping your immune system on top form! Lots of veggies, pulses, nuts and seeds. Nourish yourself.


Where possible- get out into the fresh air. Slow down, reflect, meditate- consider how you can help to look out for others.


Love from all of Guardswell


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