The benefits of being outside this winter. A little blog from our friends over at VisitScotland.

Staying inside on your sofa watching TV isn't always a good way to start the new year, yet we are all guilty of doing it. Whether we have becoming more active on our new year's resolutions list or not, it's something we all should strive to do. And no, we aren't talking about spending hours upon hours bored to death at the gym. You can do other activities that will keep you active and healthy, such as skiing and snowboarding.   

You don't have to travel far to experience winter sports as Scotland also offers some great snowcation spots. The closest one to us is Glenshee Snowsports Centre, so why not venture out during your stay with us.

Glenshee is Britain's largest snowsports area, spread over four mountains and three valleys. Skiers and snowboarders can reach elevations of 3,500 feet on 22 lifts.

Skiers with experience will find 'Tiger' to delight, while 'Sunnyside' is perfect for intermediates. There are on-site equipment rentals, Glenshee Ski & Board School offers lessons, and a small shop sells essentials so that you will be well set for a perfect day outside.  


What are some of the benefits of being active in winter?  

First of all, it increases your endurance because, in cold temperatures, your heart doesn't have to work as hard; you sweat less and expend less energy. Further research reveals that spending at least 120 minutes per week outside and in nature is beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing. Spending even 15 minutes in the sun, two or three times a week, will help you maintain your vitamin D levels, so why not do it from the slopes? 

Vitamin D is vital when it comes to your health and especially your immune system, so it's crucial to get outside in the daylight during winter to soak up the sun.

What's better after a full day of being active and burning so many calories? Coming back to stay at Guardswell, of course! For the perfect finishing touch of your winter adventure, you can enjoy a deep breath of fresh farm air, delve into some homegrown food and sink into the sounds of birds and lambs – the perfect way to relax and switch off!  


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