Starting The Year

A day like today. Today was a perfect day for getting ready for the year ahead. Others may have done their “year ahead” getting ready at the start of January, but now, the second week of February, our year is starting.

We took an important decision when we started Guardswell- we would make sure it worked for us as much as we worked for it (a favourite line of some good friends), and with that, we try to take a few weeks over Christmas to allow our brains a break and go for a little explore. This year, that meant a trip to India for three weeks- eating our way through Rajhastan, click-clacking through the Niligiris on the Blue Mountain Railway, and slowing down to near stopped in the Andaman Islands.

Back in Scotland the ground was hardening, and then softening, getting a little muddier. Plants were taking a little time off as well, old growth dying back in preparation for new fluorescent shoots to appear at their bases. The Huts were empty- all bedding safely tucked away in the cosy Steading. Stacks of chairs and tables had the weight taken off them for a couple of weeks, resting their legs. The donkeys ate less carrots.

Today everything woke up.

Fennel was pruned, bulb tubs spread around, outdoor chairs were painted, huts and houses were cleaned, white paint sloshed across walls covering up parties and make up and wagging dogs.

Today has been one of those days where thing “just got done”. An brilliant start to the year.

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